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Site News
17 September 1999: First, I feel that I must apologise for the lack of updates recently. However, I hope that some of you will agree that summer is no time to sit in front of the computer. That said, I have noticed the time of year hasn't adversely effected our site stats, and thus I do feel a little guilty. I will keep this short, but let me at least say that a major update is in the works.

Also, for all those who thought about supporting this site by purchasing a hard-copy of one of Dostoevsky's masterpieces, but suspected that AMAZON just didn't have the lowest prices... you can now shop around using the search engine below. Amazingly, just by making a search you
will be helping us. No purchases are necessary. We thank everyone who takes the time to try this brand-new service. One note however: if you find that AMAZON does in fact have the lowest prices, please consider coming back to this page and using one of our AMAZON links before making the purchase. Thanks!

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28 February 1999: In co-operation with AMAZON.COM our very own Online Dostoevsky Bookshop is now up and operational! Offering over 100 titles, this is your big chance to not only fill some of those holes in your collection, but also to support my efforts with this site! Check it out today.

10 January 1999:
Several visitors to the site have suggested that we make it a little easier to actually buy Dostoevsky's books, or at least to find out which translations, etc., are actually available out there in the ether. To that end, we will be setting up a "store" section where you may do just that. You may also now simply click the "search" button below to bring up a complete list of Dostoevsky's catalog available from AMAZON.COM, the "world's biggest bookstore". And I think it's true what they say, that "chances are, if they don't have it, it isn't available online".
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So if you were thinking of buying something by Dostoevsky (or anything else for that matter) but don't have a particular preference in terms of where you do it, please consider choosing Amazon for the simple reason that you will be supporting our ongoing efforts with THE DOSTOEVSKY RESEARCH STATION. You probably guessed it, we get a 5% kick-back from Amazon on any purchases you make IF you do it by going through one of our links to AMAZON.COM. It probably won't amount to much, but it would a nice gesture.

I should mention that Barnes & Noble offer a similar deal, but Amazon was the first online bookstore and I, for whatever reason, feel some loyalty towards them. I considered offering both actually, but Barnes & Noble has it written into their agreement that by becoming one of their associates you agree to not associate your site with any other online bookstore (especially AMAZON). Maybe it is just me, but this strikes me as unnecessarily competitive. Please, if you have a sec let me know what you think about all this. --

27 December 1998: Merry Christmas to everyone! Like most of you I'm sure, I have been very busy but I wanted to at least acknowledge the fact that we've been added to the Argus Clearinghouse as a Literature Guide.

20 November 1998:
We just received a 5-Star rating from Malaspina University's "Great Books" Site. Thanks!

16 November 1998:
Received an email in Russian today, offering us an award (I think). The site is called Ay! If anybody out there speaks Russian, could they please email me and tell me what the little award button at the bottom of the contents page says! Thanks.

12 November 1998:
 A missing chapter from "The House of the Dead" entitled "The Life Sentence" has been discovered by Dostoevsky's friend A.P. Milyukov. Printed in Dostoevsky's official complete works, Polnoe Sobrante Sochnenii, it appears in a webzine entitled CONJUNCTIONS  for the first time in English, in a translation from Russian by Peter Constantine. Check it out!

10 November 1998: Finally finished a major (and long overdue) overhaul of the site. Designed what I believe to be an improved layout and added plenty of new content, including an image gallery, a bibliography of critical works, a reading room with copies of Dostoevsky's works (on our own server), and over 140 new links -- and they all work! And did I mention the brand new Dostoevsky Discussion Group? Subscribe by simply entering your email address below. The default setting is for all members to receive all group postings as individual email messages, but if that becomes a burden on your inbox, you may email me and I'll change your preferences to a daily digest format. You may also choose to check your email online at... rather than receiving email at all. It's up to you.

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