A Stange Person's Guide to the Web

Editor's Note:  categorization is a convenience the eclectic traveller cannot easily afford.  These web links are therefore in no discernible order.  Nature suggests simply that fresh links will appear on top, and that these links may blossom and shine for a time.  Visit them without delay, traveller, and with relish, as some are already slowing with neglect, and decaying further, may even drop away forever.  -- Christiaan Stange, 17 August 1997

Last Updated:  18 October 1997

Stephen Hawking’s Universe

Welcome to Ontario’s Near North

HighWire Press

The Greatest Films

Microsoft Expedia

Perseus Project Homepage


The Universal Currency Converter

All About Turkiye...

Snap! Online

Untied Airlines

Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes

Wide Angle / Closeup


Rejection Slips

Roadside America Pet Cemetary

World News MegaStories

The Secret Garden

Kings of the Underworld: Classic Gangster Films

Andes @ National Geographic.com

P.O.V. Interactive

The Columbia Virtual Body


San Francisco ChinaTown

NASA’s Origins Program

The Bungee Jumping Resource

Arthur Frommer’s Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel

The Pursuit of Happiness

John Coltrane:  The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings

Titanic: The Exhibit

Exhibits Collection: The Middle Ages

Charles Atlas

Voyager: Ingmar Bergman

Hallmark:  Funny, but no....

RadioTower Console

The Budget Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports

The Works of Edward Gorey

Nunavut Tourism

History & Archaeology

Vincent Van Gogh: A Handshake in Thought

The Inquisitive Cook

World Transportaion Photograph Collection

The Surrealism Server


Salon Magazine

BMG Classics World

Brittanica Guide to the Nobel Prizes

Welcome to RETRO

Panorama Photographs Collection

The Real Frank Zappa Page

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Bagged:  17 August 1997

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