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The Reading Room

Welcome the Dostoevsky Reading Room!

You don't have to take the Trans-Siberian Express to read these great works by Dostoevsky. Just left-click to read them here now, or right-click to download them to your own machine. All the links below are to copies of these works on our own server. If for any reason you are having trouble accessing them, please refer to our links section for other possible sources of his online works.

Read them all already and just want to talk? Join our discussion group!

The Brothers Karamazov
Crime & Punishment
Notes from Underground
The Crocodile: An Extraordinary Incident
The Double
A Gentle Spirit: A Fantastic Story
The Insulted & The Injured
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man
Bobok: From Someone's Diary
The Peasant Marey: From Diary of a Writer
The Little Orphan


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