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Articles, Reviews and Interviews

Before And After with Larry Coryell (JazzTimes, Sept 97)
Biography: Larry Coryell (All Music Guide, Vol.1, No.1)
Critical Mass: On the History of Fusion (eBop, July 95)
Evolution of the Jazz Guitar and Bass (eBop, May 96)
Guide to Classical Indian/Jazz Fusion
Interview with Danny Trifan (by Mark E. Lawhon)
JazzIRC Session: Larry Coryell and Billy Cobham (June 97)
JazzIRC Session: Larry Coryell and Mark Whitfield (June 96)
Larry Coryell to Appear at Zanzibar Blue
Larry Coryell: Planet End (Backstage Pass)
Larry Coryell: Spaces Revisited (FreeTimes, Jun 97)
Larry Coryell: Vision in Blue (JazzFusion)
NorthWest Notes: Larry Coryell (Jazz Now, April 96)
Palabra de guitarra + friends: Larry Coryell
Plundering The Vaults (Reliz, Feb 97)
Shanachie Artists: Larry Coryell
Ted Kurland Associates: Larry Coryell
The History of Vanguard Records (Vanguard, Jun 97)
The Left Hand of God: Jimi & Jazz (Jazziz, Sept 95)

CD's, LP's and Cassettes

CDnow Larry Coryell Discography
ECM: The Jazz Composer's Orchestra
Great Guitars - The Return Of The Great Guitars
Larry Coryell & Brian Keane: Just Like Being Born
LarryCoryell Discography at CD Universe
Music Boulevard Discography: Larry Coryell
Music Central: Larry Coryell Discography
SongSearch Artist: Coryell, Larry
The Vanguard Sampler (June 97)
Tunes: Larry Coryell


Agharta Design House
J-Music Art Gallery
Larry Coryell's SuperBand
Nerd World's Starving Musicians (Ontario)
Paco's Important People's Birthday Calendar (LC: April 2)
Pages of Fire: Gallery: Larry Coryell
Songworks Systems and Products
Taos: Musical Inspirations


Julian Coryell
Murali Coryell
Murali Coryell (Philadelphia Weekly, Mar 96)

Jazz and Guitar Resources

@musLinks - Music Resources on the WWW
B. Lorant's Music Links
Cyber Fusion - Fusion Link
Derek Dickson Guitar Page
Elpida Tzafestas : Musical links
FSU School of Music
Homepage de Eduardo Luedy
Impailer's Favorite Music Sites
InterJazz The Internet Jazz Plaza
Jazz After Hours
Jazz Guitar Online
Jazz Guitar Online: Links
Jazz Guitarist Links
Jazz Musician Web Directory
McCabe's Artist List
Modern Jazz @ The Mining Company
National Guitar Workshop
One Stop Jazz on the Web
Red Hot and Cool Jazz
Rick Stone's Jazz Links
Songworks Systems and Products
The Jazz Fan Attic: Contemporary Jazz Links
The Ultimate Band List
Tom's SP5UAF Music Links

Other Larry Coryell Websites

Concord Records: Larry Coryell
Larry Coryell (a website in Japanese)
Shanachie Artists: Larry Coryell
Ted Kurland Associates: Larry Coryell

Record Labels and Management

Concord Records
Concord Records Larry Coryell Biography
e-guide: Larry Coryell
ECM Records
ECM: Larry Coryell
Shanachie Records
Shanachie Records: Larry Coryell
Ted Kurland Associates
Ted Kurland Associates: Larry Coryell
Vanguard Records

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Guitar Tabs for 1+2 Blues
OLGA - music by Coryell, Larry

Touring Info

Larry Coryell at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1996
Larry Coryell to Appear at Zanzibar Blue
Montreux Jazz Web
Pollstar: The Concert Hotwire: Larry Coryell


Advanced Jazz Guitar: Larry Coryell
All Strings Attached
CDnow Larry Coryell Discography
E! Online - Larry Coryell Videos
FingerStyle Guitar Video
Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar Volume One
Live From Bahia
Mel Bay Publications: Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar Volume One
Super Guitar Trio and Friends
Used Videos (Larry Coryell: Live From Bahia)
Video Guitar Lessons Taught by Larry Coryell

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Julian Coryell
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