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This page will be a place where Mr. Coryell's fans may post comments, their email addresses, links to their homepages - even photos of themselves. Judging by the email our page has generated (from Russia, Japan, Brazil, The United Kingdom, The United States, Germany, Canada, France, Uruguay, and Greece), interest in Coryell's music remains high, and his appeal universal. So, fill out the form below and we'll add you to our little database. If you'd like us to add a small picture of yourself, send me also the URL where I can find it.


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Location: North Bay, ON, CANADA

I first heard Coryell back in 1987. It's the same old story; you've heard it a million times... I was 17 years old, cruisin' the flea market for revolutionary vinyl - well, to make a long story short enough to fit into this table, I happened upon a fairly good copy of "Coryell (1969)". Hippy looking album cover, odd sounding song titles - I liked it. And when "The Jam With Albert" came on, it was all over. Next thing I knew, I was building an HTML shrine to the guitar legend himself. Friends, what are left of them, continue to insist they never heard of him... but I know they're lying.

Favourite Albums: Coryell, Live At The Village Gate, Barefoot Boy, Fairyland.

E-Mail: Christiaan@Stange.com
The War On Tuna Cafe


Location: BRASIL

It's strange because Larry has good and bad records and has also different phases in his career. But, to me, with a single note, both in electric or acoustic manner, he gets my atention like no one guitar player.

Favourite Albums: Splendid, Twin House

E-Mail: emarques@svn.com.br
Eduardo Luedy's Homepage


Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

I've been a fan of Larry since 1970 and have seen many changes of style in this time. I never ceased to be amazed at the brilliance of his work. I recently caught Larry at a gig in Philly. He was outasight! I loved his early fusion albums. They were clearly head n' shoulders above his contemporaries. I listen daily.

Favourite Albums: American Odyssey, Coryell, Shining Hour, Air Dancing, and the Shanachie recordings. Hell, I love 'em all!

E-Mail: jsalvina@NJAOST.ML.COM
Homepage: n/a


Location: Laguna Hills, CA, USA
Favourite Albums: Everything ya got!

E-Mail: tris@songworks.com
Songworks Systems


Location: Belleville, ON, CANADA

I'm 52 years old and have been a Coryell fan for 23 years. My first album was Offering and it knocked me out. Everybody I know just thinks I'm crazy listening to this stuff, but they just don't hear it like I do. I would love to hear Larry in in person some day.

Favourite Albums: Live from Bahia, Splendid, Twin House and Offering, but I love most all of them.

E-Mail: csordoni@intranet.ca
Homepage: n/a


Location: Seattle, WA, USA

1964, getting Larry out of bed for my 10am guitar lesson. Possibly still owe him $5. Definately still owe him many thanks for the chops and the insight. Please pass it along.

Favourite Albums: (no comment)

E-Mail: dencal@usa.net
Homepage: n/a


Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I like all of Larry's music but my favorites are the first ones I heard back in the early seventies: Coryell, Fairyland, Real Great Escape. Not quite that long ago, I came across a 3 record set of the albums he recorded with Gary Burton. Except for seeing them live, the Eleventh House period lost me. In fact it's always great to see him live in whatever setting he chooses. I don't really keep up with his cd's anymore.

Favourite Albums: Coryell, Fairyland, Real Great Escape.

E-Mail: evans@uic.edu
Homepage: n/a


Location: Hickory, NC, USA

I've been a fan for 25 years, and as a guitarist I am constantly amazed at Larry's continued inspiration. I wait for some of this stuff to make it to CD!

Favourite Albums: Live at Village Gate, followed closely by The Restful Mind and Young Django.

E-Mail: nestor@abts.net
Homepage: n/a


Location: St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

In 1981 two friends and I saw Larry Coryell at the Lawrence Opera House in Lawrence, Kansas. I took my camera, as I wanted to have my own pictures of him. At that time there were basically no restrictions on photographing concerts. I was excited with the results. I met Larry backstage and he gave me his agent's address and I mailed the duplicates to him. I never heard from him again, but in 1995, my fiancee (now wife), and I were browsing in a music store when I saw my pictures on the front and back cover of the C.D. entitled "Bolero"! I nearly passed out! We asked the clerk to open it to see if I had been given credit and I had!! The CD was released in 1993, so it speaks highly of Larry's integrity that I was still given credit after all those years! I have many great shots from that memorable night. I have since corresponded with Larry concerning this experience. My tastes have changed through the years, but "Live at Montreux", "Level One", "Live at the Village Gate", and even "Aspects" continue due be staples in my jazz diet!

Favourite Albums: Live at Montreux, Level One, Live at the Village Gate, and Aspects.

E-Mail: mel5416@mwsc.edu
Mark E. Lawhon's Homepage


Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I just saw the Spaces Revisited show last night.....I saw god, and his name is Larry Coryell. Pure jazz. Would have love to have heard some early stuff, but it really doesn't matter what he plays now does it?

Favourite Albums: (no comment)

E-Mail: treid@imnet.com
Homepage: n/a


Location: Newport Beach, CA, USA

I like all styles of music/art and all Coryell! I have all of his rec./video that I can find. Also, I'm very int. in the Shakti & other unofficial rec. listed here. If anyone has these or others, to trade, please write to me at:177 Riverside Ave. #1030 Newport Beach, CA 92663

Favourite Albums: (no comment)

E-Mail: n/a
Homepage: n/a


Location: USA

every since hearing "coryell" and "fairyland"(the start of "soul's dirge" still gives me goose bumps)in the high school in the late seventies i have listed larry as one of my favorites.. he has more soul than most jazz guitarist's....

Favourite Albums: (no comment)

E-Mail: mark61163@aol.com
Homepage: n/a


Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I saw Larry Coryell last week at a small

Favourite Albums: (no comment)

E-Mail: cmorris@FDIC.gov
Homepage: n/a


Location: St. Johnsbury, VT, USA

I was 16 in 1969 and working in a record store as my first job....they got in "Coryell" and my boss did not know what section to place it in...I opened it and played it...I have been hooked ever since. Met Larry once at a club in Burlington, VT when I was in college in 76 and in Westport, CT He was a class act then and continues to be a class act. I also have his classic Intro LP w/ Chico Hamilton ( in mono no less) Best of Larry in my eyes: Coryell, Barefoot Boy,Dragon Gate, and more.... PS Murali's CD is a breath of fresh air

Favourite Albums: Coryell, Barefoot Boy, and Dragon Gate

E-Mail: blw@hcr.net
Homepage: n/a


Location: NYC, NY, USA

A big fan since 197?, Turned on by "SEX", "Beautiful Woman," etc. I have most of his albums and saw him at the Bottom Line. Too bad he mellowed out already when I arrived at New York. Surprise to know that he was invited to play with Hendrix to record "Voodoo Child" but declined. But he was as good as Hendrix with a classical raw.

Favourite Albums: (no comment)

E-Mail: Rbaltazar@cannondesign.com
Homepage: n/a


Location: Cadillac, MI, USA

The first time I heard Larry Coryell was The Real Great Escape album cut All My Loves Laughter. I could sense absolute greatness in his unique sound.

Favourite Albums: (no comment)

E-Mail: wilber@netonecom.net
Homepage: n/a

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