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United Kingdom

    Channel Islands

  1. Guernsey , Gaia's Web Cyber Cafe
  2. St Helier, Jersey , Mighty Mouse Internet Cafe Reported dead during most recent check



  1. Aylesbury, England, SurfShak CyberCafe

  2. Bath, England, The Hub InterC@fe
  3. Bedford, England, Cyber Reported dead during most recent check
  4. Bedford, England, Shaldon Court Newsagent's Internet Access Point
  5. Bexleyheath, England, The Surf Shack April 99 - Details
  6. Birmingham, England, Custard Factory
  7. Birmingham, England, Cafe Surf
  8. Bournemouth, England, Cyberw@y Reported dead during most recent check Closed
  9. Bournemouth, England, 2DIE4 Reported dead during most recent check Died
  10. Bournemouth, England, The Cyber Place Internet Cafe November - Details
  11. Bracknell, England, 3W Cafe
  12. Bradford, England, Spiderz Web
  13. Brighton, England, Zap Cybercafé Reported dead during most recent check Closed
  14. Brighton, England, The Sanctuary Cybercafé
  15. Brighton, England, Surfers@Paradise
  16. Bristol, England, Netgates Cafe
  17. Buxton, England, Port 23 CyberCafe April 99 - Details
  18. Bury St. Edmunds, England, Garland Street Cafe

  19. Cambridge, England, CB1 -- The Cambridge Cybercafe
  20. Cambridge, England, The Six Bells
  21. Cambridge, England, Scales Internet Bar Reported dead during most recent check
  22. Cambridge, England, The Greyhound Public House and Restaurant
  23. Cheltenham, England, Netscafe 
  24. Crescent, England, Internet Express
  25. Croydon, England, Cyber Zone

  26. Darlington, England, Beiderbeckes Brasserie & Internet Cafe
  27. Derby, England, Burley's Cyber Bar Reported dead during most recent check
  28. Durham, England, Beiderbeckes

  29. Exeter, England, Internet Express Web Cafe

  30. Essex, England, Othello's March 99 - Details

  31. Falmouth, England, Seaview Inn

  32. Gloucester, England, Icon.net Intercafe
  33. Greenock, England, Cafe Roslin
  34. Grimsby, England, Webgate
  35. Guildford, England, Cafenet
  36. Guildford, England, Quark's Internet Cafe

  37. Harlow, England, CyberDine
  38. Harrow, England, Get Surfed!
  39. Harrow, England, The Edge
  40. Hastings, England, Internet Cafe
  41. Huddersfield, England, Window on the World Cyber Bar
  42. Hull, England, Net 21

  43. Ipswich, England, Global Net-Café Reported dead during most recent check

  44. Keswick, England, Lake District CyberCentre Reported dead during most recent check
  45. Kingston upon Thames, England, Cyberia Kingston

  46. Leeds, England, Planet Connect
  47. Leeds, England, @thecafe
  48. Leicester, England, CyberCafe @ The Ark
  49. Liverpool, England, Cafe Internet Reported dead during most recent check
  50. Liverpool, England, The Egg
  51. Liverpool, England, Cafe Internet December
  52. London, England, Cyberia
  53. London, England, CyberCafe Reported dead during most recent check
  54. London, England, Café Internet
  55. London, England, Buzz Bar Reported dead during most recent check
  56. London, England, Ecafe Reported dead during most recent check
  57. London, England, The Bean
  58. London, England, Surf.net Cafe
  59. London, England, Hands On
  60. London, England, North London Internet Centre Reported dead during most recent check
  61. London, Ealing, England, Cyberia
  62. London, England, Network City
  63. London, England, declare Computing Studios (3 location)
  64. London, England, The World Cafe
  65. London, England, Spider Cafe
  66. London, England, Shoot 'n Surf
  67. London, England, The Portobello Gold
  68. London, England, Backspace
  69. London, England, Biblio@Tech The Cyber Centre
  70. London, England, Internet Cafe  
  71. London, England, tnab.com  - Details
  72. London, England, The World Café   
  73. London, England, battersea.net September - Details
  74. LOndon, England, Bushbang Cyber Cafe December
  75. London, England, Rainbow CyberCafe February 99 - Details
  76. Luton, England, Hard Drive Café

  77. Manchester, England, brain café
  78. Manchester, England, Cyberia
  79. Manchester, England, Kaleida NetVenue
  80. Middlesbrough, England, Cyber Village MEDIA CAFE
  81. Milton Keynes, England, Cafe Java

  82. Nantwich, England, Charlotte's Web Cafe
  83. Newcastle, England, McNulty's Internet Cafe
  84. Newcastle under Lyme, England, Netc@fe November

  85. Portsmouth, England, The Cyber Point
  86. Preston, England, Cyber Centre Preston
  87. Preston, England, Cyberp@ss Cafe

  88. Ramsgate, England, Seadrive July - Details
  89. Reading, England, Reality Bites
  90. Romford, England, Global Internet Cafe Reported dead during most recent check

  91. St Annes, England , CyberNet Express
  92. St.Neots, England, Internet Experience Cafe
  93. Sheffield, England, Elektra The InterNet Cafe
  94. Sheffield, England, Punters Cyber Café
  95. Southampton, England, Cyberscone Ceased trading
  96. Southport, England, The Internet Cafe Ceased trading
  97. Stockport, England, Peak Art Cyber Café
  98. Stockport, England, The NET
  99. Sunderland, England, Terminal1 February '99 - Details
  100. Swansea, England, Cyber Stop Internet Cafe

  101. Teignmouth,Devon, England, The Fountain Of Knowledge August
  102. Torquay, England, The Net-Zone Cafe
  103. Truro, England, The Internet Place 

  104. Wolverhampton, England, Cable Cyber Bar

  105. York, England, Brubakers
  106. York, England, The Gateway Internet Cafe April '99 - Details

  107. E-mail Only Cyber Cafes in England

    N. Ireland

  1. Belfast, N.Ireland, Revelations, The Internet Cafe
  2. Coleraine, N.Ireland, Holodeck Cyberafé
  3. Desertmartin/Magherafelt, N.Ireland, Oasis Internet Cafe
  4. Enniskillen, N. Ireland, Hotwired Cafe

  5. E-mail Only Cyber Cafes in N. Ireland



  1. Aberdeen, Scotland, Netropolis Cafe Reported dead during most recent check
  2. Ayr, Scotland, Ayr Internet Workshop

  3. Edinburgh, Scotland, WEB13
  4. Edinburgh, Scotland, Cyberia
  5. Edinburgh, Scotland, electricFROG

  6. Glasgow, Scotland, John Smith & Sons Cyber Bookstore
  7. Glasgow, Scotland, Java Cafe
  8. Glasgow, Scotland, The Internet Cafe - The Link Cafe Limited - details

  9. Largs, Scotland, Cafe Norge

  10. Stornoway, Hebrides, Scotland, Captions Reported dead during most recent check

  11. E-mail Only Cyber Cafes in Scotland



  1. Cardiff, Wales, Grassroots Cyber Café Reported dead during most recent check
  2. Cardiff, Wales, The Cardiff Cyber Café
  3. Cardiff, Wales, EcoCentrig April '99 - Details
  4. Wrexham, Wales, Cyberia

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