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KIOSEK Web Design


Address: 49 the Broadway, Stratford London E15 4BQ
Telephone: 0181 227 1008
E-Mail: info@tnab.com
Internet http://www.tnab.com
How to get there: Tube: Stratford Tube Station – Central Line Directions Buses that stop outside: 25, 69, 86, 108, 158, 257, 308, 678, D8, S2. 3 minutes walk from Stratford Bus Station,
Underground - Central line, British rail and Docklands Light railway.
Terminals: 8
Browsers: IE 4 and Netscape 4
Platform: Windows95
Cost: £5.00 per hour, concessions available
Best Times: Mornings
Hours: Mon - Thurs 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-11pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm
Atmosphere: Very Spacious and comfortable with seating outside for those who want to drink coffee and just enjoy the sun, while indoors is equipped with dual P2 266Mhz which makes us one of the fastest Internet cafes in the UK. Our Chef prepares fresh food daily that caters for a world-wide menu. Knowledgeable and friendly staff on hand that are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Full disabled person facilities

The Cyber Place
Address: 132 Charminster Road,  Bournemouth BH8 8UU
Telephone: 01843 586492
E-Mail: surf@cyberplace.co.uk
Internet http://www.cyberplace.co.uk
How to get there: #6 bus from Bournemouth Town Centre, Taxi from Bournemouth or Poole should cost around £3-4
Connection: ISDN 128 kBps
Internet services: Internet Explorer 4.0, mIRC, ICQ, TelNet, Free e-mail account username@cyberplace.co.uk Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic language support
Other services: Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Iced Tea, Regular Tea, all made using Segafredo (Europe's #1 producer of coffee & related products). Soft drinks also served
Cost: Internet: 50p per 5 minutes (£6 per hour) + Special offers in a.m.
Hours: 10am - 11pm, 7 days a week
Atmosphere: Very comfortable and warm inside. Latin decor, with South American music playing in the background. Good mix of English and international visitors
Remarks:  The Cyber Place is the first Latino Internet Cafe in England. The owners, Silvia and Mike, appreciate that not everyone is proficient on the internet and we work very hard to teach

people how to use the internet. We are friendly, cosmopolitan and have the fastest internet connection in the area, together with the best coffee you have ever tasted. Try us out

Address: 62 Harbour Parade, Ramsgate
Telephone: 01843 586492
E-Mail: postbox@seadrive.co.uk
Internet http://www.seadrive.co.uk
Terminals: 8 x 17" networked and fed by a leased line for speed and reliability
Cost: £5.00 per hour, Student Discounts in place. Free email accounts.
Hours: Open 10 am to 6pm seven days a week
Atmosphere: Attractive Harbour Front location, unique and comfortable interior, fine coffee and excellent food, staff able to converse with all kinds of internet users and applications. It's a fine place, you will be made to feel welcome.

Address:40 St.Johns Hill SW11 1RZ London
How to get there: 75 yards from Clapham Junction Station in Battersea,Southwest London.
E-Mail: post@battersea.net
Internet http://www.battersea.net
Equipment: Dell Pentium 350's with 3dfx and 17" screens as well as good coffee
Cost: £5 per hour.
Monday to Thursday 11am to 9pm
Friday and Saturday 11am to 7pm
Sunday 12 noon to 7pm.

Rainbow CyberCafe
Homepage: http://www.d-bell.dircon.co.uk/cafe/
Email: d-bell@dircon.co.uk
Street: 5 Kings Place, Chiswick High Road
City: London W4 4HT
Country: England
How To Get There: Half way between Chiswick Park and Gunnersbury tube stations on the District line. Located next to the Chiswick Employment Services
Connection: ISDN
Internet Services: e-mail, browsing, online bookings.
Other Services: Internet training and Web site design and training. Linux webservers built. Electronic Design Service.
Costs: £2.50 per half hour.
Opening Hours: 10:0-18:30 Monday to Saturday
Atmosphere: Friendly, helpful and cosy.
Remarks: If you're in West London, drop in and see us.

Homepage: http://www.terminal1.co.uk
Email: alan@terminal1.co.uk
Street: 11 Derwent Street
City: Sunderland
Country: England
Remarks: The ultimate Internet & Gaming Experience

Homepage: http://business.thisisessex.co.uk/othellos/
Email: othellobooks@hotmail.com
Street: 1376 London Road
City: Essex / Leigh on the Sea
Country: United Kingdom
Directions: Main A13 from london (aprox 15 min)- between Hadleigh and Southend
Platform: Windows
Internet Services: 'surfing' E.mailling, Colour or Mono printing
Other Services: second-hand bookshop, coffee-bar, telephone
Costs: £5 per hour .£3per half-hour.
Opening Hours: 10-7.30 mon-fri 10-5.30 sat
Atmosphere: warm, friendly, open -plan

Remarks: Excellent REAL coffee, tea etc. good selection of snacks

The Gateway Internet Cafe
Website: http://www.ymn.net/gateway
Email: gateway@ymn.net
Street: 26 Swinegate
City: York
Country: England
Directions: Go to the Tourist information centres, located around the city and ask for us.
Platforms: windows + mac
Connection: ISDN, 59kbps, backbone
Internet Services: Web site design, multimedia CD roms, marketing, personal e-mail
Other Services: Food, drink, membership
Costs: £3.00 1/2 hr £5.00 hr
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm (due to be extended)
Atmosphere: Vibrant and friendly, lots of colour and good music.
Remarks: An excellent place located in the centre of York, with easy access to other main attractions.

Port 23 CyberCafe

Homepage: http://port23.co.uk
Email: info@port23.co.uk
Street: 11 Eagle Parade
City: Buxton
Country: England
Directions: On Buxton Market Place. To the rear of Bryants Furniture store.
Platforms: windows
Connection: 128k
Internet Services: Web, e-mail, FTP, tuition.
Other Services: Drinks, Snacks, Meals, discounts for group bookings
Costs: £4.50/hour, 2.50/30 mins., £1.5/15 mins.
Opening Hours: 9:30 - 9:00
Atmosphere: Friendly, relaxed

The Surf Shack
Homepage: http://www.surf-shack.com
Email: info@surf-shack.com
Street: 121 The Square
City: Bexleyheath
Country: England
Platforms: windows + mac + unix
Connection: 2Mbps Leased Line, ISDN Backup
Internet Services: Access, Business services, Access accounts, Network Games and Internet Games server dedicated access
Costs: £3.50 - £6.00 per hour
Opening Hours: 24hrs
Atmosphere: Live wire sci-fi tech


Email: asher@riviera.net
Street: 44 bd carnot
City: Cannes
Country: France
Directions: 10 minutes from the sea
Connection: isdnet
Internet Services: internet explorer 4.0 netscape communication 4
Other Services: word/ powerpoint/excel/ printers/ scanner sell computer and soft
Costs: 45FF per hour and 40 FF/hour for students
Opening Hours: 9.30 to 7 pm non stop
Atmosphere: pleasant
Remarks: the only one cybercafé in cannes


Homepage: http://www.cari.com
Email: cafe@cari.com
Street: 72-74 passage de Choiseul, 75002
City: Paris
Country: France
Directions: Near Brentano's, Calignani Boookstore in the Opera area. Nearest subway Louvres-PalaisRoyal, Pyramides, 4 septembre.
Connection: 256k
Internet Services: Browser, visoconference, Email, ISP/IAP 50 access in France, Hosting, Design,...
Other Services: Japanese computer, English computer, ISDN France Telecom Expert Partner
Costs: 36F/H, 5,49euro/H.
Opening Hours: 10 am -6 pm
Atmosphere: Installed in the Passage where The Parnassians and Verlaine met and were edited, where Celine grown up, where the Offenbach's Bouffe Parisienne is established.

Le Jardin de L'Internet
Homepage: http://www.jardin-internet.com
Email: cybercafe@jardin-internet.com
Street: 79 boulevard Saint Michel
City: Paris
Country: FRANCE
Directions: Located in front of Luxembourg Garden Subway: RER B Luxembourg station Bus: 21, 27, 38, 82, 84, 85, 89 ask for Luxembourg
Connection: ISDN
Internet Services: e-mail, Web, AOL, IRC, Telnet, ICQ, WebCam, NetMeeting, Net2Phone, RealPlayer
Other Services: Word Processing (Microsoft Word), Chart (Microsoft Excel)
Costs: 15 minutes minimum - 48 F per hour
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9am-11pm / Sunday: 11pm-10am
Atmosphere: Good atmosphere
Remarks: 2 Blaser printers 1 ink jet printer 1 color laser copier connected to the local network


Mobiles Internet Café
Homepage: http://www.mfg.de/mic/
Email: langer@lalelsg.bwl.de
Oberbettringer Strasse 162
Schwaebisch Gmuend
Directions: Everywhere in Baden-Wuerttemberg
Connection: t-online
Internet Services: all
Other Services: information, advice
Opening Hours: see local announcements
Atmosphere: super

Homepage: http://www.webtimes.de
Email: unruh@webtimes.de
Street: Chaussestrasse 8
City: Berlin-Mitte
Country: Deutschland
Directions: U6 Oranienburger Tor Tram 6/13/50 Torstraße
Platform: choose from this list
Connection: 2 Mbit
Internet Services: iMacs Email Download Onlinespiele
Other Services: Netzwerkspiele Kurse fuer Einsteiger Druckservice Scannen CD-Brennen
Costs: ab 7.- DM / Gruppenpreis 9-13 Uhr 5.- DM / h
Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 9-24 Uhr Sa/So 10-24 Uhr
Atmosphere: Galeriecharakter mit abgehaengter Etage und Backsteingemaeuer
Remarks: Webtimes Leicht ins Internet guenstige Kurse fuer Schulkassen


Cafe CyberWorld

Website: http://www.gibnet.gi/~cybercaf
Email: cyberworld@gibnynex.gi
Street: Queensway
City: Gibraltar
Country: Gibraltar
Directions: From the border catch a bus to Main Street. Ask for Ocean Heights Gallery which is a 2 minute walk from the beginning of Main Street. We are in the Arcade facing Queensway. From the Tourist Bus Terminal + Cruiseline Terminal : Ask your tourguide for directions towards Main Street. It is only a 5-10 min walk, ask directions as mentioned above, we are very easy to find and Gibraltar is only small.
Platforms: windows
Connection: ISDN 128kbps
Internet Services: 16 terminals all with Internet Explorer 4.01. America Online mIRC Chat, Microsoft Chat 2.5
Other Services: Printing facilities MultiLink Gameplay
Costs: Less than 1/2hr 10p/min, 1/2 hr £2.50, 1 hr £4.50, 5 hrs £17.95, 10 hrs £29.95
Opening Hours: 12noon till 12midnight , 7 days a week
Atmosphere: With a fully licensed bar area the atmosphere is quit lively at times, ahem. Generally friendly and helpful
Remarks: With 300 sunny days a year, 250 places you can have a beer, and this the coolest place to hang out, Gibraltar is a haven. Plus booze is so cheap it's dangerous!!


Mykonos Cyber Cafe

Address M. Axioti 26, Mili, Mykonos
How to get there: Located in Fabrica, on the road between the bus station and the Windmills.
Summer: 10am - 10pm (Mon-Sat); 12noon - 10pm (Sun)
Winter (1/10 - 1/5): 10am - 7pm (Mon-Sat); closed Sunday
Internet: http://www.mykonos-cyber-cafe.com
Email: info@mykonos-cyber-cafe.com
Services: We offer email, fax and photocopy services; as well as colour & B/W printing, scanning and word processing.

BudapestNET Internet Cafe
Address: Kecskeméti street 5, Budapest
How to get there: By metro 3 or bus 52. It's 50 meter from Kálvin square.
Internet: http://www.budapestnet.hu
Email: info@budapestnet.hu
Connection: 256 kbps +
Costs: 600 Ft / hour - $3 / hour (full access); 5, 10, 40 hour discounts.
Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM, every day
Services: www, ftp, e-mail, irc, internet phone, internet games

Address Piazzetta della Canna 8/9, Palermo
Hours: every day (except Sunday) from 4 PM to 2 AM.
Internet: http://www.malox.com
Email: boiler@malox.com
Services: Web browsing, e-mail, audio & video conference, html project & publishing. You can taste our special cocktails, sandwich and listen good music. Associazione culturale Boiler, Palermo Italy.

Address Viale Somalia, 227, Roma
Hours: every day (except Sunday) from 4 PM to 2 AM.
Internet: http://www.excape.it
Email: i.m.s.rome@iol.it
Services:24 multimedia Pentium II, 15" & 17" monitors, 3Dfx Voodoo2, scanner, A3 color & laser printers, CDrecorder, Videoconferencing & digital camera. CDN connection with ISDN backup and Direct PC satellite connection. LAN 10/100 fast ethernet. TV & SatTV. Bar & snacks.
Internet Train 3
Homepage: http://www.fionline.it/internet_train
Email: pontevecchio@fionline.it
Street: 30r,Borgo S.Jacopo
City: Florence
Country: Italy
How To Get There: Is just 50 meters from Ponte Vecchio
Connection: t1
Internet Services: hotmail,aol,compuserve,word processor, chat program always available
Other Services: Fax service available
Costs: students 10,000 lire/h - no student 12,000 lire/h
Opening Hours: 10:00am 08:00pm no stop
Atmosphere: Nice and quite place with two large windows from where you can see thePonte Vecchio bridge from an exclusive point of view


YMCA Internet Cafe
Website: http://www.waldonet.net.mt/ymca
Email: ymca@waldonet.net.mt
Address: 178 Merchant Street
City: Valletta
Country: Malta
Platforms: windows
Connection: Semi-Digital Leased Line
Internet Services: Printing E-mail Surfing Games On - Site Suport Design Applications
Other Services: Art Festivals Accomodation Facilities Pool Table juke Box Food
Costs: 75cents per 30 minutes
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday between 10am and 10pm
Atmosphere: Alternative Atmosphere, Private area for computers


Cabernet Club
Address: Stefan cel Mare str. 184 Kishinev, Moldova
Hours: Mo-Su 12.00 - 24.00
Prices: $1,5 - $2,1 per hour
Platform: Cabernet First Internet club offers P200MMX with 3Dfx machines connected via a 512K link to the Internet
Internet: http://cabernet.da.ru
Email: cabernet@moldova.net


Cafe Clouso
Address: Zuideinde 25, Meppel, Netherlands
Details: A nice music loving pub in a small town in the Netherlands called Meppel. Tolerance, liberal and progressive are the keywords for the mentality of the customers, barkeepers and owners.
Internet: http://www.rendo.dekooi.nl/~clouso
Email: clouso@rendo.dekooi.nl

Hoeksteen computers & internetcafe
Homepage: http://www.hoeksteen.com
Email: info@hoeksteen.com
Street: Lange herenvest 122
City: Haarlem
Country: the Netherlands
Directions: tel.: 31 23 540 1234
Platform: windows
Connection: cable
Internet Services: irc, netscape 4.5, IE4.0
Other Services: office '97 pro, games
Costs: DFL. 12,50 hour
Opening Hours: wed-sun 13:00-23:00
Atmosphere: clean, no drugs/alcohole
Remarks: check it out!!!


Internet Cafe LOOZ
Homepage: http://www.looz.com.pl
Email: looz@looz.com.pl
Mikolajska 11
City: Kraków
Country: Poland
Directions: about 300 meters from Main Market Square and 500 metres from railway station
Connection: 1 Mbit
Internet Services: WWW, email, telnet, ssh, ftp, IRC, AOL, internet games (eg. Legal Crime), internet videophone
Other Services: coffee, tea, sweets
Costs: 4PLN/h - text terminal, 7PLN/h - multimedia terminal
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 22.00

Internet Cafe
Homepage: http://www.cafe.telefony.com.pl
Email: web@cafe.telefony.com.pl
Street: B.Joselewicza
City: Brzesko
Country: Poland
Directions: Lucjan Lechowicz
Platforms: windows + unix
Connection: ppp
Internet Services: http,ftp,irc,news,icq
Costs: 1$/h
Opening Hours: 14.00-22.00


Homepage: http://www.egomundo.pt
Email: webmaster@egomundo.pt
Street: R. Antero de Quental nº73
City: Coimbra
Country: Portugal
Directions: Near Praça da República & Cruz de Celas
Platforms: windows + unix
Connection: Dedicated 33.6kbs
Internet Services: WWW, Mail, Telnet, IRC, FTP
Other Services: Webdesign, Webhosting
Costs: 500 per hour
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: from 10am to 00pm & Saturday: from 2pm to 00pm & Sunday: from 7pm to 00pm


The Internet Cafe
Address 569 Sauchiehall Street
Hours: 9am to 11pm 7 days a week.
Internet: http://www.linkcafe.co.uk/
Email: tim@linkcafe.co.uk
Platform: 10 PC's on line through T1 connection
Services: Friendly help available, true Scottish hospitality, opened 1995


Cibercafè Nupi de Salt
Website: http://www.passeig.com
Email: nupi@passeig.com
Address: n125 Salt
City: Girona
Country: España


X-Ray Cybergalaxen
Homepage: http://x-ray.se
Email: webmaster@x-ray.se
Street: Hospitalsg20 60027Norrkoping
City: Norrkoping
Country: Sweden
Phone: +46 11 167880
Directions: just without the fly
Connection: 1Mbit
Internet Services: internet games (quake, RedAlert etc.), chat, surf, videomail, video conferance, webcam, e-mail
Other Services: soon it will be possible to use vr
Costs: 5$ = 1hour = 40SEK/75/100 -- 3,5$ = 1hour = 30SEK (members)
Opening Hours: M-T 11-22.30 F-L 12.30-04.00 S 14.00-22.30
Atmosphere: Fantastisk

Absalon Internet Cafe
Website: http://www.absalon.e.se
Email: lasse@lkpg.nu
Street: Agatan 55
City: Linkoping
Country: Sweden
Directions: 100 meters from "Filmstaden", very close to "folke Filbyter". 100 meters from the big church. In the same place as "Chiken King"
Platforms: windows
Connection: 128Kbps
Internet Services: Everything, no restrictions
Other Services: Chicken, Coffee, scanner, laserprinter
Costs: from 25 SEK/h
Opening Hours: 15.00 - 23.00 - open to 01.00 weekends
Atmosphere: Very undergound, tecnhomusic, darklight, typical quakescene...
Remarks: We have a Webcam of course


Homepage: http://www.infelecs.ch
Email: admin@infelecs.ch
Street: 26, rue Vautier
City: 1227 Carouge
Country: Suisse
Connection: ISDN 128Kbps
Internet Services: surf, mail, chat, videoconference, Mirc, games.
Other Services: Network games
Costs: since 8.50Frs/h for internet and 6Frs/h for games
Opening Hours: 12pm to 24pm

Homepage: http://www.wengen.com/twic/
Email: twic@wengen.com
3823 Wengen
CHF 5.- per 12 minutes
Opening Hours:
3pm to 9pm
simply simple


Email: Marc@papyrusweb.ch
Street: Av. d'Echallens 6
City: Lausanne
Country: Switzerland

Homepage: http://www.loewengraben.ch
Email: hotel@loewengraben.ch
Street: Löwengraben 18
City: Luzern
Country: Switzerland
Directions: walk, right in the center of the city. Ask for the Löwengraben, every body knows the place.
Connection: ISDN
Internet Services: surfing, e-mail
Other Services: low budget hotel, restaurant, bar in the historical city jail
Costs: depending on the hor 5 til 20 CHF
Opening Hours: 9:00-23:00
Atmosphere: young, trendy
Remarks: cool place to meet friends


Homepage: http://computurk.com/bwe/
Email: blackwhiteerdek@hotmail.com
Street: Yalı Mah. Ortaokul Cad. No:15/A
City: Erdek
Country: Turkey

Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/~ayvalik/abis.htm
Email: ayvalik1@superonline.com
Street: Ataturk Caddesi Nazar pasaj No:23/4-14
City: Ayvalik
Country: Turkey
Opening Hours: 09:00 - 19:00 Monday - Saturday

Homepage: http://www.konakcafe.com
Email: Ramsltd@superonline.com
Street: Mühürdar Caddesi N:39 Kadiköy
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey


Homepage: http://www.aztek.com.tr
Email: aztek@atlas.net.tr
Street: Cafer Ağa Mahallesi Arayıcıbaşı Sokak No. 11/1 Kadıköy
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey



Homepage: http://www.megastyle.com/~iclub
Email: iclub@iclub.cherkassy.ua

Street: Smelianskaya 44
City: Cherkassy
Country: Ukraine
Directions: internet-club
Platform: windows
Internet Services: with space system SpaseGate 1,5Mbit/sec
Other Services: NetGames, Office Applications, Cool Bar
Costs: $3/hour
Opening Hours: 10:00-23:00
Atmosphere: very good ;)


Homepage: http://www.ecocentrig.co.uk
Email: info@ecocentrig.co.uk
Street: Wood Street
City: Cardiff
Country: Wales
Directions: Right next to the bus and rail stations in the centre of town.
Platforms: windows + unix
Connection: 128k ISDN
Internet Services: web browsing email word processing ftp telnet
Other Services: restaurant/cafe catering licenced bar meeting rooms site hosting environmental information resources community networking costs: £2.00 half hour and special membership rates
Opening Hours: mon-fri 10am-7pm sat 11am-6pm
Atmosphere: relaxed, spacious
Remarks: Local, organic food served up with easy web access. Cyber cafe with an environmental edge.

KIOSEK Web Design

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